Frequently Asked Questions

SEXXDOLLS CO. is a TDF approved authorized vendor for many high-quality doll brands such as WM, SM, OR, YL, SY, IronTech, Climax, and much more! All dolls sold by us are 100% legit, from the original high-quality manufacturers. We are an online retailer based in the USA, with all orders produced and shipped straight from our manufacturers in China. Please do not fall for scam sites that sell dolls for a really cheap price! They are guaranteed to be a scam and will send you a fake copy doll with very low quality and will not look like the doll shown in the website pictures! We recommend sticking with any TDF approved vendors like us! 


I want to pay using Sezzle, will my order ship out after all of my payments are completed? Or will it ship out as soon as my doll is ready?
We will not wait until your payment is paid off in full. Your order will ship out to you as soon as your doll is finished!


I want to order a sex doll but Sezzle can only accept USA customers, how can I order if I am not located in the US?
Unfortunately, Sezzle is only available for customers within the US. Please contact us if you are located outside of the US and would like to order a doll from us and we will send you another form of payment.


Do you guys offer Price Match?

Yes! We can offer Price Match! Please contact us by sending us a link of the doll you are interested in, as well as the link of the website page of the price you would like to match.


I want to add more custom options to my doll, but there are only 3 options for each product.
We will be adding more options for each doll soon! But for now, please contact us through our contact page or email us directly via and we will be more than happy to send you a full list of options specifically for the doll you are interested in! After you have picked which options you would like for your doll, we will then create you your own custom order with all of your custom options listed once you are ready to proceed with your custom order.


Accepted Payment Options
The payment options that we accept are:
- Credit or Debit Card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover.
- Wire/Bank Transfer.
- Zelle.

- Installment Payments via Sezzle.

PayPal no longer accepts any adult transactions which led us having to remove PayPal as a Payment Option during checkout.

Can I send my payment through Zelle?
Yes, as long as you are located within the USA! We will be adding Zelle as a payment option soon! But for now, please reply back to your order confirmation email stating that you would like to pay via Zelle, and we will get back with your shortly with our associated number for Zelle, for you to send your payment!
We highly recommend Zelle. Most banks supports Zelle! Zelle does not have any fees, and your payment will be sent directly to us right away (within 30 seconds) right from your phone! Compared to a Wire Transfer which can take up to 1 day for us to receive. Sending your payment via Zelle can save you time from a trip to the bank, as well as having your order processed quicker!


Why is my order not going through when I try to submit an order?
Most banks and card issuers will almost always decline a transaction if they notice an unusual activity going on. They will assume that this is a fraud transaction due to the higher priced transaction.
Please call up your credit card issuer and let them know to accept this transaction and you should be able to successfully place the order once they know you confirmed this transaction!


Can I customize my own doll?
If you would like to customize your own doll, please feel free to contact us through our contact page or email us directly via and we will get back with you shortly!


Processing and Ship Out Time
WM Sex Dolls: 8-10 Days
SM Sex Dolls: 4-6 Days
YL Sex Dolls: 7-10 Days
SY Sex Dolls: 3-5 Days
OR Sex Dolls: 6-8 Days
JY Sex Dolls: 5-7 Days
Z-One Silicone Sex Dolls: 7-9 Days
Climax Sex Dolls: 6-8 Days
IronTech Sex Dolls: 6-8 Days

Most orders will be shipped via FedEx and will take about 4-7 days to deliver after your order has been shipped. Some orders will be shipped via UPS depending on which country the customer is located in which will take about 10-12 days to deliver after it has been shipped.
We will send you a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number to track your order as soon as your order ships!


Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We can ship all of our products worldwide. Free Shipping on all orders!


If I placed an order, can i change the model or add an item to it?
Please contact us within 24 hours after you have placed your order and let us know what you would like to change or add to your order! After 24 hours, our team may be starting with your doll, and will not be able to alter your order. All sales are final! So please double check before submitting your order!


Will anyone know what is inside my package? What about my billing statement?
Nope! No one will know but you! We will not include a single branding labeled anywhere on the box and shipping label. All sex dolls and masturbators will be shipped in a plain brown box to remain discreet!
Billing Statement will remain discreet!


Return/Refund Policy
No returns or refunds. All purchases are final! We can not accept returns for these specific products under no circumstances due to health concerns for our employees. Please double check before you submit your order!


Why doesn’t SEXXDOLLS CO. have a phone number!?
We currently do not have a call centre and we are not set up to handle high volumes of phone calls. A phone call would prove inefficient and potentially leave you quite frustrated! At times, we will need to do a little digging to answer your question efficiently and we would rather answer your question in one go than have you waiting for call backs or long holds and such, when you could be using your time more efficiently. If we feel your problem would be better off handled over the phone, then we will get in touch!



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